Our turnkey approach

Being a general and specialized contractor, we offer a complete service, from the design to the construction of your project. Because of our creativity, our attention to detail and respect of the needs of our clients, we stand out from the competition.

Large workspaces

The new trend in kitchens favours larger counters. For design reasons, we see large kitchen islands, free workspaces and the integration of lunch counters. These changes result in multifunctional and convivial areas because of wide spaces optimized for meal preparation.

Contrasting textures

Contrasting textures are increasingly popular in kitchen design, making it richer. The introduction of new materials for cabinet doors on the market has permitted not only to enlarge the range of choices but also to design personalized styles. It is then not uncommon to find opposite finishes (matt versus gloss) or textures (uniform versus visible wood grain). Some choose to use two different door styles for the top, the bottom or the island. Other prefers to rely on accessories for the counter or the backsplash counter. Indeed, the multitude of finishes and textures helps multiply the design’s options.

Blumotion technology integrated hardware

Who says modern kitchen says modern technology. In fact, nowadays, kitchen cabinets integrate high quality hinges and metal hardware. Therefore cabinets can now be equipped with Blumotion technology which assures smooth and silent door closing. In other words, current trends are to modern kitchens that build on free spaces, maximized lighting and playing with textures.

Disorganized kitchen traps

Traps that can be encountered at the beginning of a kitchen project are usually interrelated to the reasons people want to change it. May it be caused by an unsuitable design or obsolete kitchen cabinets, all reasons start from a dissatisfaction feeling towards the kitchen usefulness. What follows gives you some ideas and points you should consider when you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen.

Project preparation phase

As simple as it may seem, it is important to define the project and establish your family’s priorities and needs. Also, it is essential to plan a realistic budget according to your kitchen’s dimensions. That will help choosing the quality of the cabinets as well as the accessories and options that will complete it. A detailed plan of your kitchen helps considering others space restrictions (examples: oven exit, windows, etc.). With an exact idea of the available space, we will be able to maximize the kitchen cabinets setting. Finally, you will have to choose your household appliances (simple or double door fridge, simple or double oven, cooking surface, hood, microwave, dishwasher, etc.) and the type of sink you want.

Kitchen design

Numerous actions are made daily in a kitchen:

  • Opening the pantry and the fridge
  • Washing and preparing food
  • Cooking
  • Putting back kitchen accessories in their place
  • Bending to find some accessories in the far end of the corner cabinet
  • Throwing away waste to the garbage

Keep in mind that every of those daily actions can cause inconvenience. Here are some tips to remember according to the different activity zones.


Here are found the pantry and the fridge. The opening side of the doors must allow the accessibility to the food by the preparation zone which can usually mean an opening towards the kitchen center. This will optimize the moving in the kitchen and ease the meal preparation. You also need to have a full access to all the supplies space and still enough storage for your family needs.


This zone is reserved to cooking articles and dishes storage. The accessibility is still the priority. The planning can be modified to be more convenient by putting the accessories used most often in the central part near the working plan. If we move away from the working plan, the less used articles can be stored without immediate accessibility


By putting the garbage in the washing zone, near the preparation zone, the waste management is eased because it allows less moving in the kitchen. In fact, most of the waste is made while cooking, washing the dishes or clearing the table. Some accessories can be integrated under the sink to make this usually lost space useful and ease the access to some articles (cleaning products for example).


You have to plan a suitable preparation area and workspace for all kitchen activities. Indeed, a working place too small complicates the meal preparation. In addition, to minimize the moving, it is interesting to keep all necessary accessories directly in this zone (cookware and kitchenware, cutting boards, spices, etc.).


The cooking zone juxtaposition to the preparation zone reduces the moving and increases the efficiency in the kitchen.

Logical configuration of activity zones

The logical configuration of activity zones is based on a study on kitchen moving. The meal preparation is seen as a line work. Each zone is meant for one activity type of that line. The strategic site of each zone implies a whole rearrangement that can adapt to every kitchen style. In other words, when a kitchen is renovated, we must think of creating ergonomic areas inside each zone.


It is important to pay a special attention to the lighting. Many lighting systems and windows opening optimization create a pleasant kitchen atmosphere. Integrated electric lighting systems can be a solution but the use of recessed lighting and lamps that provide enough light is usually sufficient.

Coordinating the work of the professionals

During a kitchen’s renovation, it is essential to plan the intervention of various professionals. First, a designer or a kitchen designer to understand your needs and to produce a kitchen cabinets plan. Then, when the cabinets are built, a delivery and installation service must be planned. The delays and the coordination of the work of the other professionals have to be taking care of: plumbing, electricity, floors, counters, etc. At Cuisine sur Mesure, you will find all these services and the expertise to coordinate your turnkey project.