Cuisine Sur Mesure

We are designing, manufacturing and installing kitchens that fit perfectly to your environment. We provide customized service for your kitchen cabinets and living space to suit your needs and style. Cuisine sur Mesure is a business owned by a contractor who has his construction’s licence (RBQ 8330-5292-04) and therefore able to achieve high quality standards and service, while respecting your budget. We are proud of our work. We give you more for your money and beyond your expectations.

Choose from a wide range of finishes and styles…

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets and counters

The counters and cabinets of a kitchen or bathroom are usually made of solid wood, veneer finish or veneer. These noble and warm materials can be colored with a wide range of “stains” protected by natural lacquer. MDF (composite material commonly used today for furniture, cupboard doors and moldings manufacturing) is increasingly being used but is generally lacquered with an opaque color.

Composite materials as MDF have multiple benefits. Indeed, the price is much cheaper than solid wood, its stability is superior to wood and composite wood veneers are more environmentally friendly (less cutting of forests). Textured melamine and laminated wood grain are also offered for different styles and their price is less expensive than lacquered MDF and wood.

For countertops, granite is very popular but is one of the most expensive materials. Many other kinds of solid surfaces are available for countertops, islands and tables: solid wood, Terragreen laminated wood, Corian polymer, Gibraltar, ceramic, etc. The possibilities of forms and materials are therefore unlimited. That’s the reason you need an expert of Cuisine sur Mesure (turnkey contractor) for your project.

Well-planned and well-executed renovation of your kitchen might create a new atmosphere in your house, in improving its market value while adding functionality, aesthetics and warmth. Moreover, the quality of your kitchen will mainly determine the resale value of your property. Your project is then more an investment than an expense.

The process of choosing a contractor is therefore important. Cuisine sur Mesure offers you a turnkey project that includes a cost estimate and the design, manufacturing and installation of your kitchen and they will take care of all the construction work (plumbing, electricity, etc.). Cuisine sur Mesure helps you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end because they guide you step by step in making your decisions.

That’s why you should trust us with this kind of renovations. We will know how to advise you in every step of your design-built project while respecting your budget and schedule.